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    Welcome to Beyond the Vale!

    This is a collaborative writing site set in the modern day. The year is 2064 and while the world looks much like the current world we live in now, the main difference is the appearance of Mythical creatures.

    We are a 18+ site with a general rating of 3/3/3 which means we allow adult content. Please review the list of helpful links and if you have any questions or concern you can contact any staff member for assistance.


    7/12/15 - BtV has been changed to a private site. If you have any questions or would like to join contact Mouse.

    5/1/15 - Grand Opening! We are now opening our doors to new members!

    4/16/15 - Re-opening for beta week

    8/1/14 - Original opening date

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    Admin: Mouse

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    Site Moderator: Open

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    Beyond the Vale started as the creative collaboration of Mouse, Ann, and Garnet that originally opened on August 1, 2014. Inspiration has been drawn from various sources including, but not limited to, mythology, The Hollows book series by Kim Harrison, and White Wolf's World of Darkness. BtV does not follow any one specific fandom and we welcome new ideas and concepts into our verse. While we encourage creativity and finding inspiration in the world around us, all characters submitted for play on BtV MUST be original creations. Canon characters from any world setting are not allowed. Plagiarism is not only frowned upon, but is cause for instant banning.

    Credit to KIRA YUKIMURA of Shine for the mini-profile code.

    Credit to Jenna/You're A Wallflower of Shine for the character biography template.

    Credit to Ring Wang of Tympanus/Codrops for the Parallax Slider Code.

    Credit to SubDevo for the "Peekaboo Side Table."

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